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The system is designed to process, visualize and feedback multiple channels of brainwave data
correlated to collective neural firing patterns,
to allow the user to reshape neuron connections in the brain
through visual, auditory and haptic feedback stimuli and brainwave entrainment.

Wikipedia: Neurofeedback | Brain-Computer-Interface

The changes in brain and consciousness depend on the type of neurofeedback training setup,
and the method of feedback stimulating the subconscious reward circuitry of the brain.
With 4-10 training sessions it is usually possible to learn to consciously control mental states,
learn to stimulate or reduce brainwave activity in brain-areas,
bring multiple areas into synchroneous activity, stimulating inter-neuron connectivity
and enhancing mental abilities, perception, and consciousness.

General effects are usually increased ability to self-control mental state (relaxation / focus),
as well as changes in sleeping, dreaming, meditation and learning states.

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